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Welcome to Deraly

Deraly is acknowledged as one of Adelaide's best
Nurse Injectors. Deraly specializes in all aspects of
non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

Deraly is a highly skilled nurse injector with over
10 years experience in dermal fillers and
anti-wrinkle injections.   

Along with Dr Irene Kushelew (BMBS, FFMACCS),
Deraly offers a wide range of facial rejuvenation

Deraly also specializes in all aspects of permanent
makeup, cosmetic tattoos and scar camouflage
and has been Adelaide's leading cosmetic tatooist
for over a decade.

Other services provided include migraine treatment,
teeth clenching treatment and hyperhidrosis (excessive
..."I always refer my Adelaide
clients to Deraly. Her work is
professional, creative and she
can be relied on to produce
beautiful, long-lasting

{Val Glover Hovan, Hovan's Group,
Australia's leading tattooist}
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adelaide 's leading provider of permanent cosmetics