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These are injections which can help diminish
the appearance of static facial lines and folds
and can restore volume to skin, cheeks and

Injections are placed below the skin's surface,
to 'plump' up the lines and folds. Many of the
commonly used fillers are made from naturally
occuring complex sugars which feel smooth
to touch and look very natural.

Generally the treatments take about 30
minutes, and should last from 12 months to 2
Dermal Fillers
Anti Wrinkle Injections

These injections are appropriate for dynamic
lines ie any lines caused by muscular
movement such as frowning.

The injections relax specific facial muscles that
cause the wrinkle to form. After treatment, the
muscles are unable to contract, so the
undesirable lines gradually soften.

The anti wrinkle injections last on average 3

Movement will return naturally to the treated
area and further injections are necessary to
continue the benefits.

(excessive sweating)

Some individuals suffer from excessive
sweating, which can be socially disabling and
can cause extreme inconvenience in their daily

Treatment for under-arm hyperhidrosis with
injections can relieve symptoms of sweating for
up to 6 months and sometimes longer.


Anti-wrinkle injections can sometimes have the
added benefit of relieving migraine headaches.
Migraine sufferers often report less headaches and
sometimes complete cessation of headaches during
their regular anti wrinkle injections for frown lines.

Teeth Clenching

Pain in the jaw, headaches, worn teeth, teeth
grinding and cracked teeth and enlarged jaw-line;
all these problems can sometimes be alleviated by
simple injections into the jaw-line.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and
the benefits can last up to six months.

Sometimes, when the treatment is repeated it can
give even longer lasting results.

Dermal Fillers using Cannulas

A recently developed technique has been the use of very fine small tubes in
place of using needles. This keeps the "down time" after treatments to a
minimum as bruising is less likely to occur.

Deraly uses these cannulas with the latest volumising fillers which can last up
to 18 months.